Airport Information

perth airportPerth Airport is made up of 4 terminals, offering both international and domestic flights. It’s the 4th busiest airport in Australia, and offers flights from as far afield as South Africa, Dubai and Abu Dhabi (amongst others). Terminal 1 caters for international flights, with the established domestic terminals are Terminals 3 and 4. The newest domestic terminal is just south of Terminal 1 and is now known as Terminal 2.

Terminal 1 caters for international flights, and has a huge range of cafes, shops and facilities on offer (although it is currently going through some renovation so not every facility will be currently open). The area is undergoing a total transformation to increase and upgrade the range of retail and dining outlets. Coming soon are a range of stores such as Australian Way, Pure Merino, Rip Curl and Hungry Jacks. For now you can grab a coffee at The Dome, a beer at Mattress Blue Bar or a pizza at Eagle Boys.

For shopping, there is Newslink and Hub Convenience, not to mention JR Duty Free. Now, you can even order your duty-free online, to be picked up before you depart or as soon as you arrive in Perth.

Terminal 2 is the modern, sleek new domestic flight terminal. Plenty of space for duty-free shopping and a number of places to grab a drink before catching your flight. Pop in to visit Four Alls Brewhouse, The Coffee Club, Hudson’s Coffee or Subway. For shopping there is Relay and Hub Convenience. Terminals 3 and 4 also offer a range of shops and eateries.

Perth Airport Transformation

Perth Airport is at the very early stages of a total, large-scale regeneration project. All commercial services are being rehoused under one precinct, to be known as Airport Central. A lot of work has already gone into this project, but there is also a whole lot more to be done.

There are a number of elements planned for the new look Perth airport, scheduled to be built gradually over the next 30 years, so as to reduce impact on service users:

  • New international pier at Terminal 1.
  • Construction of a new runway.
  • Further expansion of Terminal 2.

The new international pier at Terminal 1 will truly offer a world-class travelling experience for those who pass through the new look Perth Airport. At over 20,000 square metres, the International Pier will be suitable for the ever growing numbers of customers, with a huge increase in retail options and new departure lounges that board directly onto aircraft.

There will also be significant work down to increase parking to be able to take the strain of a growing international airport. The current car parks will be added to and replaced by multi-storey carparks, hoping to cater for up to 35,000 vehicles by the year 2034.

There will also be a track for an automated train to move above ground connecting all the different terminals, easily and efficiently, known as the Automated People Mover (ATM).

These changes will all serve to maintain and improve the already stellar reputation of Perth Airport.

Things to Do in Perth!

thing to do in perthYou’ve landed in Perth, you’ve made your way to a fantastic hotel (if you have taken our advice!), and finally you have some spare time and it’s time to make your way out to the city. So the question is: What should I do while in Perth?

We’ve gathered together a short list of ‘must see’ activities for your visit. We’ll take the time in other posts to elaborate more on events and activities – but this is your first stop for a quick guide on local fun! Enjoy!

  1. Kings Park and Botanic Garden

When you think Australia, you can’t help but think of the stunning scenery, fascinating flora and wonderful wildlife! The Kings Park and Botanic Garden is the best place to see them all (but don’t worry, you won’t be bitten by a snake or eaten by a shark!). There are over 300 species of native plant and over 70 different local bird species.

Full of gardens, picnic areas, cafes, exhibitions and specially designed walks throughout the 400 hectares alongside the beautiful Swan River. This makes for a wonderful day out with the family, or a romantic picnic with a loved one. It’s no surprise this is the most popular visitor attraction in all of Australia! In September the annual Kings Park Festival takes place, during a time when many of the flowers and wildlife are in full bloom, and the temperature is just perfect.

Also contains the Kings Park War Memorial – a beautiful and well-kept area that suits for some quiet reflection against the backdrop of a stunning view of Perth City and the Swan River. And while you’re there – remember to check out the Whispering Wall…

  1. Fraser Avenue Lookout

For the best view in Perth (and maybe Australia) you need to visit the Fraser Avenue Lookout. A lookout with jaw-dropping views of the area, not to mention a fantastic restaurant as well. Get a window table in the late evening and you will never forget the beautiful sights, looking at the night sky full of stars you’ll understand why they say the sky in Australia is bigger than anywhere else on Earth.

Personally, I recommend visiting Fraser Avenue Lookout at sunrise or sunset. Truly unbelievable view of the Perth skyline against the moving sun. Glorious!

  1. West Australian Symphony Orchestra

Lastly, absolutely no visit to Perth is complete without going to hear the West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO). A sign of a truly wonderful cultural experience is that the locals also go to it as well, not just the tourists.

The WASO is the jewel in Perth’s cultural crown. Wonderful ambience, incredible food and of course, spine-tingling music from an internationally renowned symphony orchestra. The WASO offer up a range of different musical treats each year, ranging from classical to fusion, Mozart to Beethoven; each and every one an absolute treat. Be sure to book ahead!

These are just a few of our recommendations in a busy and wonderful city of global culture. But what are your top activities in Perth? Tell us below!

Top 5 Hotels near Perth Airport

perth poolIt took some time, but the results are in! After visiting every hotel in the vicinity of Perth Airport, we are ready to announce our top 5 choices. For business or pleasure, you’ll find each of these hotels a wonderful, relaxing way to spend your time in Perth. Have a look and decide which of these excellent hotels is the right one for you!

  1. Country Comfort Inter City

Within reach of the domestic airport shuttle, this is a perfect stop for business travellers visiting Australia’s finest city. Just 15 minutes from the central business district. The hotel itself has conference facilities for up to 70 people, with all the required AV equipment and superfast broadband. Silver Needle Hotels also have their hugely popular Healthy Minds, Healthy Thinking approach to business hosting, with special menus, outdoor discussion areas and team-building activities. And don’t worry – for those of you here for pleasure, well, one look at the comfy rooms and outdoor pool and you’ll agree that there’s room for fun too!

  1. Comfort Inn Bel Eyre

Also close enough for free transfers to the airport (24/7), guests at Comfort Inn Bel Eyre will be so comfortable they might just forget to go visit the rest of Perth. This hotel has all the creature comforts including heated spa pool, barbeque facilities and the obligatory outdoor pool. This place is renowned for how friendly and accommodating the staff our (And the reception is open 24 hours a day), and all the guests agree that it is excellent value for money. Also worth asking the staff about the nearby Caversham Wildlife Park. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

  1. Woodbridge Hotel

If you are in Australia to experience some of its legendary culture, then Woodbridge Hotel is the place for you. Known locally as The Woody, this place is a mixing pot of fun locals, adventurous travellers and always a rockin’ band helping everyone have a good time! The hotel is an old federation style building, the soul of which is the gastro-pub where you’ll get a cold pint and a great meal while you meet the regulars. With quiz nights and karaoke nights as well, the only downside is when it comes time to leave, you’ll be saying bye to a lot of new friends.

  1. Crown Promenade Perth

If you are looking for something a little more luxurious, then look no further than the illustrious Crown Promenade Perth. Perfect for the corporate or leisure traveller with a little cash to flash – this really does pull out all the stops. It has a range of restaurants, shops, theatres and all sorts of entertainment all self-contained in the plaza. Located close to the airport on the stunning Swan River, a trip here will really be a once in a lifetime experience. (Our recommendation – perfect for honeymoons!).

  1. Guildford River Retreat

Lastly, we have included the Guildford River Retreat, because the place simply charmed the socks of it. Originally known as the ‘Guppy House’, this was built in 1897 in the Federation Queen Anne style, and is, quite rightly, heritage listed (Even if you don’t stay here, you should come and visit). Based in historical Guildford, it’s within walking distance of the café and antique strip, and just a short drive away from Swan Valley Wine Region. If this place is for you, you’ll already know it just from reading this short passage. It’s exactly as nice as it sounds!

So there you go: our top five recommendations. Please feel free to comment, and if you have any nominations that you think should knock one of these off the top 5 just let us know!